Cayola: an alternative to Artieta, accessible and ecological

Cayola : une alternative  à Artieta, accessible et écologique

Arits, the innovative brand that is revolutionizing indoor lighting to improve our biological clock, is expanding its catalog with the addition of its second product, Cayola. This new option offers the same health and productivity benefits as its predecessor, Artieta, but at a more affordable price thanks to the use of different materials.

The main difference between Cayola and Artieta lies in the choice of materials used to manufacture the diffuser. Artieta is designed with a blown glass diffuser, made by a talented craftsman. On the other hand, Cayola sports a diffuser in biosourced opaline plastic, making it possible to reduce production costs and offer a more financially accessible solution.

This difference in materials is also reflected in the selling price of the two products. While Artieta is priced at €450, Cayola is available for €225, making this innovative technology more affordable for more people.

Cayola maintains the same features and benefits as its older sister, Artieta. It helps users resynchronize their biological clock, improves their concentration and productivity, and contributes to better quality of sleep. By choosing Cayola, you get the same health benefits without sacrificing quality or sustainability.

By offering Cayola, Arits continues to commit to a greener and more ecological future. The use of bio-sourced opaline plastic for the diffuser demonstrates their commitment to using environmentally friendly and sustainable materials, without compromising the quality or effectiveness of their product.

In summary, Cayola is a more accessible and environmentally friendly alternative to Artieta, allowing more people to enjoy the benefits of this revolutionary indoor lighting technology. With Cayola, Arits confirms its leading position in innovation and sustainability for a healthier and greener future.

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