Our circadian lighting

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How our circadian lighting works

Support your biological rhythm

Dynamic light

Our circadian lighting changes the color scheme of white light, from the soft glow of a candle at 1800K to the dazzling brilliance of the midday sun at 6500K. This variation in color temperature is not only a pleasure for the eyes; it is essential for synchronizing your internal clock with the natural rhythm of day and night.

At the heart of this luminous experience is the dynamic melanopic ratio. It subtly adjusts throughout the day, optimally influencing your energy, concentration and sleep cycle. In the morning, soft, warm light gently wakes you up, while the intensity gradually increases, preparing you to face the day with vigor.

For us, the light profile is a sequence of light variations that we calculate using the sunrise and sunset times. By following this information, we build a light profile suitable for everyone.

Your dynamic light

We have made dynamic light possible over 24 hours.

Human-centered light

Visible light:
At daybreak, our morning light emits a soft warm glow, simulating the first rays of the sun. This visible light, gentle on the eyes, helps you emerge peacefully from sleep, creating a soothing atmosphere that invites you to wake up.

Circadian light:
This phase of lighting is designed to align your internal clock with the natural cycle of the day. Mimicking dawn, circadian light gently stimulates your body, signaling that it's time to wake up, facilitating a smooth transition from sleep to wakefulness.

The melanopic ratio:
The melanopic ratio is initially low in the morning, providing light that does not abruptly disrupt your sleep cycle. Gradually, this ratio increases, helping to reduce the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and stimulate wakefulness and attention.

Lumière douce et chaude simulant l'aube par Arits

The melanopic ratio is low, giving you time to get up gently with soft, warm light.


Éclairage matinal stimulant avec lumière bleue par Arits

To help you get through this morning, we aid in the natural production of cortisol, the stress hormone by boosting the melanopic ratio to help you wake up.

The morning

Lumière énergisante pour le milieu de journée par Arits

During the day, we maintain a high level of melanopic ratio to continue to stay full of energy. Your body will know that it is in the active phase.

During the day

Éclairage apaisant pour début de soirée par Arits

The early evening phase is essential, we gradually reduce the light power and the melanopic ratio to promote the gradual appearance of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

At the start of the evening

Lumière optimisée pour le sommeil au coucher par Arits

We optimize our light to help the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone. Here, it is forbidden to set a high melanopic ratio level.

At bedtime