Comment prévenir et gérer la dépression saisonnière ?

How to prevent and manage seasonal depression?

Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is a type of depression that typically appears around the same time each year, usually in the fall and winter when the days ...

Lampe Cayola d'Arits en fonction - Innovation en luminothérapie pour bien-être quotidien

Revolutionize your well-being with innovative light therapy from Arits

Explore the world of light therapy reinvented by Arits. Our lamps, more than just sources of light, are designed to harmonize your daily life with your well-being. Discover a technology that is a g...

amélioration de l'humeur par l'éclairageComment la lumière peut influencer votre humeur - Améliorez votre humeur avec notre lampe intelligente

How light can influence your mood - Improve your mood with our smart lamp

Discover how light influences our mood and how our smart lamp can help improve your daily well-being.

Image de la lampe de luminothérapie Cayola par Arits, innovante et adaptative pour votre bien-être.

The Secrets of Light Therapy: How a Lamp Can Improve Your Mood and Sleep

Discover how the Cayola light therapy lamp from Arits revolutionizes well-being by adapting to your biological clock. More than a lamp, it's a personalized light therapy experience.

Bienfaits LuminothérapieEmployé au bureau utilisant une lampe de luminothérapie pour améliorer la productivité et le bien-être

Light therapy, an essential tool to combat fatigue in the office

Light therapy is an innovative method to combat office fatigue and improve productivity. Using special light sources that simulate natural sunlight, this therapy can increase energy, improve mood a...

Lumière chaude Arits à 1800K, équivalent à la chaleur d'une bougie

The Benefits of Warm Light: How to Make Your Home More Inviting

Discover how warm light can transform your home into a haven of peace. Learn how to choose the right bulbs, fixtures and techniques to create a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere.