Schéma montrant l'impact de l'exposition à la lumière sur le rythme circadien et la santé globale
Bienfaits de la lumière

How our biological rhythms and light influence our health

Learn how blue light influences your circadian rhythm, sleep-wake cycle, and overall health. Learn how Arits solutions can help regulate your exposure to blue light, optimize your well-being and im...

AritsPositionnement correct d'une lampe de luminothérapie Arits sur un bureau

Light therapy: where, when and how to use it?

Find out how light therapy can help combat insomnia and other disorders. Learn where, when and how to effectively use light therapy to improve your health and well-being.

AritsComment la lumière bleue affecte-t-elle notre sommeil ?

How does blue light affect our sleep?

Explore the impact of blue light on sleep and discover tips for optimizing your sleep environment and reducing exposure to blue light from screens.

Ambiance zenartieta et cayola, les luminaires pensé pour le salon

The guide to choosing the right bulb: power, brightness and choice of lighting

Choose Artieta and Cayola from Arits for optimal LED lighting in your living room. Economical, environmentally friendly and beneficial for your health, these innovative products use LED technology ...

amélioration du sommeilLe réveil lumineux d'arits pour un réveil de qualité

How to wake up easily in the morning even when you're a heavy sleeper

Are you a heavy sleeper? Discover our effective tips to help you wake up easily every morning, for a dynamic and productive start to the day.

amélioration du sommeilPourquoi acheter un réveil lumineux ?

Why buy a light alarm clock?

Introduction Waking up in a natural and gentle way is essential for starting the day well. Instead of being suddenly woken from sleep by a shrill alarm, imagine waking up peacefully, as if you w...