Light therapy: a natural response to depression

Luminothérapie : une réponse naturelle à la dépression

Fatigue and seasonal depression are common problems for many people, especially during the fall and winter months when natural light is scarce. In this article, we will explore how adapting your light environment can help combat these problems, drawing on scientific studies and highlighting the innovative light therapy offered by Arits

The relationship between light and our well-being

Several studies have shown that light plays a crucial role in our general well-being. Indeed, exposure to natural light is essential for regulating our biological clock and the hormone levels that influence our mood, energy and sleep. Seasonal depression, also known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD), is often linked to a lack of exposure to natural light, especially during the winter months.

The importance of adapting your light environment

Adapting our light environment is crucial to combat fatigue and seasonal depression. It's important to maximize our exposure to natural light, especially early in the day, to stimulate the production of cortisol and endorphins, which improve our mood and energy. Additionally, it is essential to avoid excessive exposure to artificial light late in the day, as this can disrupt melatonin production and affect our sleep.

Common devices to adapt your lighting environment

Bulbs with adjustable intensity and color temperature

These bulbs allow you to manually control the brightness and color temperature of the light. They can be controlled via mobile apps or remote controls.

Light therapy lamps

These lamps are specially designed to simulate natural light and treat seasonal affective disorder (SAD) or seasonal depression. They provide intense, white light to stimulate the production of certain hormones.

Smart connected lights

Smart connected lights offer advanced features, such as time scheduling, remote control and integration with home automation systems. They can be customized to fit the specific needs of each user.

Advantages and disadvantages of common devices


  • Personalization of the lighting environment according to the preferences and needs of each user
  • Improved sleep quality, concentration and mood
  • Potential treatment for SAD and fatigue


  • High initial cost for some devices
  • Need for frequent manual checks for some devices
  • Limited effectiveness for certain devices in the absence of automated monitoring and adaptation

How Arits Products Can Help

Arits Artieta & Cayola lamps are innovative solutions that combine the advantages of common devices while minimizing their disadvantages. Artieta is a configurable and autonomous lamp that simulates the natural cycle of the sun by automatically adjusting the power and color of the light throughout the day. This automatic adaptation ensures an optimal user experience, promoting the regulation of the biological clock and improving general well-being.

  • Automatic light adaptation according to the time and user needs
  • Improved sleep quality, concentration and mood
  • Reduced effects of seasonal depression and fatigue
  • Minimalist settings with mobile apps

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