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Say goodbye to stress and sleep disorders with Artieta and Cayola lamps

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Light Therapy: A Natural Solution Against Stress and Sleep Disorders

Light therapy, or light therapy, is a natural method for improving sleep and managing stress. It works by modulating light to match your circadian rhythm, helping to regulate the secretion of melatonin, the sleep hormone.

A relaxed person lit by an Artieta lamp

Artieta and Cayola: Revolutionary Well-being Lamps for Home Light Therapy

The Artieta and Cayola wellness lamps, created by Arits, are innovative solutions for home light therapy. Configurable via a Bluetooth application, they calculate your ideal light profile to improve your sleep and manage stress.

Artieta wellness lamp in a zen living room

How Artieta and Cayola Wellness Lamps Help Manage Stress and Improve Sleep

The Artieta and Cayola lamps modulate the light power and warmth of the light according to your bedtime and wake-up times. They concentrate their power around the 480 nm wave, influencing the secretion of melatonin. Thanks to this cutting-edge technology, they promise quality sleep, reducing stress and improving general well-being.

Cayola wellness lamp used for light therapy before bed

Improve your Quality of Life with Artieta and Cayola Well-being Lamps

With the Artieta and Cayola wellness lamps you can improve your quality of life by effectively managing stress and improving sleep. In addition, these lamps are the product of a company that respects the environment and guarantees minimal energy consumption. Don't wait any longer to adopt a solution that improves your well-being while respecting the planet.

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