How long does it take to feel the effects of light therapy?

La lumière du soleil en face de son visage

I. Introduction to light therapy

Light therapy, also called light therapy, is a non-drug treatment used to combat certain emotional disorders linked to a lack of natural light. It is particularly recommended in cases of seasonal depression, sleep disorders or jet lag. But how long does it take to start feeling the effects of light therapy? This is what we will explore in this article.

II. Understanding how light therapy works

Before answering this question, it is important to understand how light therapy works. By mimicking natural sunlight, light therapy influences the production of certain hormones such as melatonin, the sleep hormone, and serotonin, often called the happy hormone. By regulating these hormones, light therapy can help reset our body clock, improve our mood and increase our energy levels.

III. The time needed to feel the effects of light therapy

A matter of days

For most people, the effects of light therapy begin to be felt after a few days to a week of regular treatment. Take the example of Clara, a young woman suffering from seasonal affective disorder. Clara begins using a light therapy lamp in the morning for about 30 minutes each day. After a week, she notices that she feels more energetic in the morning and that her mood has improved.
After a month, mid-January, it feels like summer. Toned, full of energy and above all no longer has this melancholy and drop in morale that she normally has every year

The importance of regularity

It is important to emphasize that regularity is essential to feel the effects of light therapy. As with any treatment, it is necessary to follow a certain routine to obtain the best results. If Clara stops using her lamp for a few days, she may start to feel more tired and her mood may worsen.
Unfortunately, lack of consistency is the most common problem when using light therapy. The majority of people use their lamp for one or two weeks, before storing it in a cupboard where it will stay for an undetermined period. But there is a solution to this problem. To reduce the constraint of using classic light therapy, we advise you to switch to methods of Circadian light therapy such as Artieta or Cayola, which are lamps that are used passively and located on your desk or bedside table, at next to you like classic lamps.
This eliminates the constraints but keeps the benefits.

Individual variability

It is important to note that each individual is unique and the time it takes to feel the effects of light therapy may vary from person to person. While some people, like Clara, may start to feel the effects after a week, others may need two weeks or more to see improvement.

IV. What to do if you don't feel the effects of light therapy?

If you have started light therapy treatment and are not feeling any effects after two to three weeks, it may be helpful to consult a healthcare professional. He or she can help you adjust the duration or intensity of your treatment, or explore other treatment options if necessary.

V. Conclusion

In short, light therapy is a valuable tool to combat emotional disorders linked to lack of light. For most people, the effects begin to be felt after a few days to a week of regular treatment. However, each person is unique and the time it takes to feel the effects may vary. The key is to stay consistent with your treatment and consult a healthcare professional if necessary.

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