The good wave: “A daily ray of sunshine with Arits, even in winter”

L'article de la bonne vague

Don't be afraid of the coming winter: Arits is here to brighten your days and bring you your daily dose of sunshine, even in the grayest months. In a recent article from La Bonne Vague , discover how our intelligent and customizable lighting solution can improve your comfort and productivity.

According to the article, Arits offers a real alternative to light therapy with our first product, Artieta, an auxiliary lamp that imitates the cycle of the sun, regardless of the vagaries of the weather. By creating an optimal lighting environment, Artieta can help compensate for the lack of natural light that can disrupt your comfort and productivity.

La Bonne Vague also highlights the responsible and environmentally friendly aspects of our products. We use raw materials from committed sectors, such as solid oak from PEFC-certified French forests and glass blown by a French craftsman. We are also proud to commit to planned obsolescence by guaranteeing our products for 5 years and offering free repair service for at least 15 years.

The article also highlights our commitment to affirmative action. We work with local partners, including Synergy, a cooperative based near Bordeaux which employs 80% people with disabilities.

Our crowdfunding campaign to launch Artieta is now underway. The lamp is available in recycled plastic or blown glass, allowing everyone to choose according to their preferences and values. Additionally, we are offering significant discounts on our lamps during this pre-sale period.

With its article on Arits and its intelligent lamp , La Bonne Vague was able to decipher the contribution of our product in its daily use.

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