Airzen highlights Arits innovation: find the full article!

Airzen met en lumière l'innovation Arits : retrouvez l'article complet !

We're excited to share with you a glowing review from Airzen about our smart accent lamp that replicates the cycle of the sun. This article highlights the importance of natural light to our well-being, particularly given the time we spend indoors, and how Arits offers an innovative solution to this need.

Airzen salutes our non-traditional approach to light therapy with our Artieta lamp, which does not require continuous exposure. They also appreciate the aesthetic design of our lamp, inspired by the golden ratio found in nature, as well as its integrated intelligence to faithfully reproduce the cycle of the sun.

The article highlights the journey of our founders, Hélène and Paul, in their quest to bring the sun home to combat seasonal depression and regulate a shifted pace of life. Their passion for well-being and their commitment to eco-responsibility are also highlighted, in particular through the use of ecological materials such as solid oak from PEFC-certified French forests, glass blown by a craftsman in Indre. -et-Loire, and recycled plastic made in Normandy.

An enriching experience that you can find right here .

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