Arits in South West: Bringing the Sun Home

Arits dans Sud Ouest : Ramener le Soleil à la Maison

We are delighted to share with you an exciting article from Sud Ouest magazine which highlights our company, Arits, and our first innovative product, Artieta.

Created by two friends from Bordeaux, Hélène Thomas-Gallière and Paul Trement, Arits was launched with the aim of “bringing the sun home”. Living in an increasingly urban world, many of us feel the lack of nature and sunlight. This is where Artieta comes in, our light therapy lamp which reproduces every second of the solar cycle, from sunrise to sunset, bringing a daily dose of natural light into your home.

Unlike traditional light therapy lamps that require rigorous daily use, Artieta is designed to be used like any accent lamp, but with added benefits. Using built-in artificial intelligence, Artieta records your lighting preferences over time to generate a personalized "light profile" that meets your needs.

In designing Artieta, we relied on numerous clinical studies to understand the impacts of light on our biological rhythm and the secretion of key hormones such as melatonin (sleep) and cortisol (stress). In the future, we hope to subject Artieta to clinical studies and equip medical establishments.

Currently, Artieta is available for pre-sale on the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank website. True to our commitment to sustainability, we offer a recycled plastic version and a glass version, made in France, with the exception of electronic elements.

To find out more, you can read the full article on the Sud-Ouest website

We are extremely grateful for Sud Ouest's interest in our company and our product. Do not hesitate to share the article with your friends and family to make them aware of the importance of light therapy and contact with nature, even in an urban environment.

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