Arits innovation recognized by Le Bonbon: discover the article!

L'innovation Arits reconnue par Le Bonbon : découvrez l'article !

We have the immense pleasure of sharing with you an excellent review of our Artieta circadian lamp by the famous media, Le Bonbon. In their article on the Artieta circadian lamp , Le Bonbon highlights our ability to recreate the full cycle of the sun at home, from sunrise to sunset.

Le Bonbon appreciates the work of our founders, Hélène and Paul, as well as our commitment to lighting innovation. They emphasize that our lamp, designed and manufactured in France, adapts to individual needs thanks to its ability to modify the light power and the warmth of white. They also salute our aesthetic and environmental ethical approach.

But that's not all ! Le Bonbon also recognizes the artificial intelligence embedded in our Artieta lamp, which personalizes the user's lighting experience based on their daily habits, thus optimizing their circadian rhythms.

Le Bonbon appreciates our commitment to combating planned obsolescence by offering a lifetime warranty for our lamp.

We are extremely proud of this recognition and would like to thank Le Bonbon for their excellent article. We invite you to read it to learn more about our Artieta lamp and how Arits helps improve your well-being through light.

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